Monday, November 22, 2010

Gratitude Candles

So . . . Do you remember the goblets
we added the bling to for
Well, we’re going to be using them again.
Last time we turned them upside down
And set our spiders on the bottom
Of the goblet.
This time, they will be filled half-way
With water and a floating candle.
Place a goblet and candle at each
Place setting.
Have each person light their candle
As they say what they are grateful for.
It’s an AWESOME sight to see all of
The candles lit and the bling
Just makes it that much better!
It truly reminds us of how blessed we are.
If you have small children and are
Worried about a THANKSGIVING FIRE,
Instead of using floating candles
and water,
YOU can use the battery operated
Votive candles in the goblet.
(Just don’t add the water!)
Have each person turn their candle
On as they say what they are
Grateful for.
Same effect . . . Less Stress!
Still more ideas to come!
Hope you’re having as much fun 
As I am!!!

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