Monday, November 1, 2010


This is Valerie, once again.  Tricia's having fun moments at her house with painters coming a week ahead of schedule.  She will be posting as soon as she can, but with dust kicking up and causing her TERRIBLE allergies to kick into overdrive, I am officially calling a timeout for her for a few days.  She has no idea I am posting this, but lucky her, she has me to tell her to stop worrying about her blog and start worrying about her health.  Thanks ahead of time for all your patience and understanding on her part as she focuses on herself for just a few days.  I know it's KILLING her she missed her post today, so know she loves you ladies and gentlemen, and will be back as soon as she is ready.  (Not any sooner, Trish!) ;)  LOL!  Trisha posted 1 minute before I posted this one!  You snuck it in girl!

Love ya chic!

P.S.  I put the Gobbler PDF's on the blog for her.  So check on the original Gobble post.


The British Homemaker said...

Aww I hope she gets well soon and the craziness gets done sooner rather than later!!
Of course her health IS more important and you are so right to tell her so!! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for good friends!
Just FYI the link for the GOBBLE score sheet takes you to the 1.25" dice sheet. Thanks for getting these up for us and Tricia.

Hope you feel better soon, Tricia.

CindyG said...

Hope she is feeling better soon.

Bybee's said...

Sorry I put the wrong link on there. It's fixed now!