Saturday, November 20, 2010

Turkey Hunt

I love being around kids!
The things they do and say bust me up
and the way they get excited about the
Holidays is definitely something well
Worth watching!
My Thanksgiving job is usually
entertaining the kids.
I get as excited as they do . . . so it’s the
perfect thing for me to be in charge of .
One year I was in charge of the pies.
I was soooo excited!
I made 15 pies and loaded them in the car to
take to Henefer.
ON the way . . . we noticed a family that
had been stranded because of car problems.
I told Dave to stop so that I  could see what
we could do to help.
We gathered all the money we could find
and left them with a pie.
I thought they would love a little
bit of pumpkin pie while they waited for
their tow truck.
When it came time to present the pies
to my family . . . I was OOBER excited.
They looked awesome!!!
My Dave took the first bite and looked at
me with the most puzzled look on his face.
He asked me what type of pie I had made.
“PUMPKIN,” of course!
I took a bite to see why he would ask.
It tasted like squash!
I had forgotten the sugar!
I immediately thought of the cute little
family on the side of the road.
They probably thought I was trying
to poison them!
Bless their hearts . . . I felt soooo bad!
So long story short . . .
I am now permanently in charge of
The games!
Woot . . . Woot!
The kids just think it’s because I’m the
FuN Aunt, I’m sure!
I am still allowed to make
cream pies or fruit pies so that’s good!
The littles always love to hunt for things,
So a TURKEY HUNT is a must at
Our house every year!
Here’s what the Turkey’s look like:

To Make the Game:
Print the Turkey’s
Laminate and Cut Them Out
Attach the Turkey’s to Tongue Depressors
And You’re Ready to Go!
Now all you have to do is hide them in the yard
And turn the kids loose!
Each of the Turkey’s have different
colored tail feathers.
I did that so that we could do prizes
at the end of the game.
I put the prizes into cellophane bags.

I add a turkey tag
(which is included in the PDF)
to each bag.
The kids can grab the match to their
I use the card below to keep track
 Of the Turkey’s that have been found.
This is laminated and marked with a
Dry erase marker!
The kids love to see what turkey’s have been
Found, and what turkey’s are left!

Super Fun . . . Super Easy . . . and a great
Way to keep the kids entertained!
Here's the PDF:


Jedda said...

I've made that mistake too with forgetting the sugar! It's just not the same ;)

Rayel said...

I can't get the pdf file to open. I get the error message that the file is damaged. I love this idea. It is very creative.

Danica said...

My mom made that same mistake the night the missionaries were over. Of course she served them first and they were kindly eating it until my brother got a piece and yelled, "GROSS MOM!"

Danielle said...

Thanks so much! This will be fun for the kiddos. Happy Turkey Day!!

Lachelle said...

I can't get the file to open. Please help...super cute!

Prepared Not Scared said...

Google group no longer stores the pdf files, but no worries...the files have been moved to Media Fire and can be accessed in the 2010 Folders in the top right hand side of the blog. You can do a search in each of the files to find what you're looking for. The first folders are for the first part of the year and folders 4-5 are fall and winter.
Here's the new link for the Turkey Hunt:
Hope that helps!

Lachelle said...

Thanks a MILLION! That info you gave me has helped leaps and bounds!

Anonymous said...

The link to the pdf doesn't work is there any way you could reload it? It is the cutest one I have found.

Prepared Not Scared said...

Email me and I'll send it to you. I can't get the links to work very well through the blog.