Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tom Blessings Bingo

Is a staple at our Thanksgiving Day
Each person brings a
These gifts will become the
Bingo Game PRIZES!
We have lots of littles in our family
So we have two bingo boards.
FEAST is for the Adults
TOM is for the Littles!
There is one thing you might want
To remember if you want to
get your prize . . .
You have to say, “FEAST” when you
Have 5 in a row instead of
If you forget . . . you have to wait
until you get another 5 in a row
to collect the goods!
Here’s the PDF:



Thanks to Valerie for adding the pics
To the game boards!
You can use white elephant gifts
For the Bingo prizes to keep things
Even cheaper!

Here’s the PDF:


**Amy** said...

Love this! You have the cutest games! I shared this with my FB fans! Thanks for sharing!

Rayel said...

I think this is a wonderful idea. The Tom game pdf is not coming up in a way that it can be saved or printed. I is coming up directly in the Google viewing format.

Brianna said...

Could you email me this game or see why the links aren't working? I'd love to play this game this Thanksgiving!!!

Prepared Not Scared said...

Here are the new links:
Google group no longer stores the pdf files but you can still access ALL of the files. Go to the 2010 Folders on the top right hand side of the blog. Folders 1-3 are for the files in the beginning of the year, and folders 3-4 are for the fall and winter.
Hope that helps!

Ralph and Paula said...

You have the cutest blog - love it! Thanks so much for sharing your gifts and talents! Can I get the link for the calling cards for the FEAST game?