Monday, November 1, 2010

Vital Records - Scan and Label!

We're finishing up the Photo Section Today!
Scanning and Labeling Photos
Before the days of digital cameras...we used to use
film that needed to be processed and negatives
that needed to be stored.
It was quite a process!
I have tons of pictures that I would like to be
able to preserve digitally,
SO... this week I will be scanning photos like crazy
so that I can save them on my hard-drive.
(This will also save them on Backblaze so
that they will be around FOREVER!)
One more thing I will be doing:
Labeling the photos that I have in photo albums.
I used the albums with pocket page protectors so I don't
have any information written down anywhere
that would let anyone
other than me and my immediate family know
WHO is in the picture.
I will be adding the information to those photos
using photo safe permanent pens so that others down the
line will know who we are and what we were up to.
That's your challenge
for this week!
I'm working on the PDF files that I wasn't able to load last week.
I will be posting the Primary Theme and Scripture FHE
as well as some Thanksgiving Placecards later TODAY!

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