Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Journal Pages

I know Tricia writes amazing posts that captivate your interest and keep you reading until the very last.  However, I am not that gifted in that area, but she needed these posted soooooooo, you get me with my non flowery posts, but HEY, at least there is something to download!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!
P.S. Tricia you are more than welcome to change ANY of this to your words.


Shauna said...

Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas and amazing creations! I have added you to my side bar of favorites on my blog. I love looking and seeing what new things you have posted. Thanks again for the time you put into creating the things that you share.

Faith said...

I just love your blog and really love these journal pages, but I was wondering if there is any way you could do them without the lines? --Thanks for all your ideas, hard work, and dedication too!!

Lucinda said...

Dear Trisha,
I LOVE this blog! You are amazing. I have missed hearing from you and look forward to reading your posts once more. Thanks for all you do.

Sade said...

I am shivering with anticipation for your next really miss your ideas. I hope you learned patience so you don't have to re-learn it in 2011! LOL...patience is not one of my virtues so you are a great example to me.

Anonymous said...

Can you let us know if you'll ever be back?