Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Ward is AWESOME!

I'm serious!
The sisters in my ward are
We decided as an
Emergency Preparedness Committee
that we wanted to make getting prepared
more FUN without taking away
from the IMPORTANCE of it.
This is what we came up with....
Fasten your seat belts everyone,
you're about to see greatness!
Doom and Gloom
(Shown Below)
Has decided to cut off the water supply
causing a drought!
How will the citizens get the vitamins they need
to avoid the serious condition of SCURVY?!?
The Preparedness Heroes
are on the case!

Our focus for the month is SPROUTS!
(This should help explain the plot of the movie a little better!)
We sure did!!!
And Special Thanks to our film editor CARA....You are my Hero!
Please Note that MODA
(Mother of Disaster Awareness)
has had no formal training and has never seen
Star Wars (Yoda) in action.
I'm sure you will find this shocking after such
a believable performance!


Amy said...

What a cute video! I'm thinking I'll look into sprouts for storage and also to add some fun into our diet.

Cara said...

Yes your ward is awesome and so was that video!! I had no idea that sprouts could save you from scurvy!

Anonymous said...