Wednesday, December 19, 2012

2013 Placemat Goals

I think our best year for keeping
our goals was the year
we put them on a placemat!
Every meal they were right in front
of our was a great reminder!
Add a photo to each placemat
and then laminate the whole thing.
I used a sharpie to write our goals.
The placemats can still be
wiped off without removing the marker.
When you want to make a change
just use a little alcohol and
the marker will come right off!
Here they are:
Here's the PDF:
This is one that I am not able to print at home.
I have them printed on a heavier cardstock
so that they will be a more durable.


Tami said...

So fun! Thanks!!

Munchkin Momma said...

I used to be in a home party business and this reminds me of our binders.
Same concept except we used pictures to make a collage representing what we wanted to work towards and achieve. I think that would be easier for young kids to get them really thinking and interested. Thanks for the reminder!!!