Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Birthday and Anniversary Calendar...1 of 3!

Happy New Year Everyone!
2013 was a crazy year for us!
We had a flood two days before our missionary came home.
(Which just happened to completely ruin his bedroom and ours!)
We had a second flood just as the repairs were complete
and had to start all over!
We had a wedding!
We can finally say we have a daughter,
and she is so much fun!
Our sweet dog, Babes died the day of the wedding...
We found out just as we got out of the temple...
NOT good for pictures!
This was followed by a third flood.
Oh how we love water damage!
We said goodbye to my cutest Grandma Ovard.
What an amazing lady she was!
Dave and I spent some time pushing handcarts at trek.
Which we absolutely loved!
We went through 3 water heaters and 1 furnace,
50,000 car repairs
(OK not quite 50,000...but it was a lot)
2 car accidents...
and that is just scratching the surface!
We will definitely cherish the sweet memories of this year
and we are so glad to have made it through the challenges
that 2013 had to offer.
Now onto a
Come on 2014
We're ready for some fun!
Out with the with the NEW!
I have 3 different calendar sets
for you this year!
The first is a NEW STYLE that I use for our
Family Birthday and Anniversary Calendar.

...Here's a look at January...
Your February pages will look like this...
Each calendar has a place to list the month's
birthdays and anniversaries.
It also has a page for photo's.
I added our family's monthly theme as well...
But that will be a SURPRISE for another post!
Here's the PDF:
2014 Birthday and Anniversary Calendar Packet PDF

Watch for coordinating
"Here's What We Did This Month"
Journal Pages as well!

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