Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MediaFire Tutorial!

I just talked to Valerie and she set me
straight on the All Access Pass.
It's only an All Access Pass to ME!
Here I was thinking that I had just made everything
It was only easy for me because I am always
logged into MediaFire.
I had no idea it wouldn't work the same for you.
You can still have access to ALL of the files
but you will have to go to the side bar, on the top right of my blog,
under the title that says "Past PDF's for the 2010 year".
Folder 1 is the very start of the blog
and the folders continue chronologically from there.
If you click on a folder it will take you to the Media Fire
site where all my files under that folder are listed.
Here is where you can do an individual search for what you want.
The instructions are the same as far as how
MediaFire works, it just won't let
you search all of the folders at once.
The folders are saved in the order of the blog,
so if you are looking for a Halloween idea,
you would look in folder 4 or 5.
I'm soooo sorry for the headaches
but hopefully this will solve the problem!
My dad always told me,
"Blessed are the FLEXIBLE . . . for they shall bend and NOT BREAK!"
What a wise and cute man!
. . . . .

I'm not sure why....but everytime I try to comment
on the blog, it won't let me.
This whole time I've been thinking we were having
the greatest conversations, only to find out,
I've just been talking to myself!
(Happens all the time!)
So now you know why I never respond
to your questions or comments!
I'm just technology challenged!
I'm sure it's an easy fix, BUT I can't figure it out to save my life.
(I'll keep trying though!)
In the meantime we can work on...
Finding those missing files! 
MediaFire is a little tricky to use at first
so I thought a little tutorial would help!
(My friend V-bybes gave me the same tutorial and it helped tons!)
Thank Ya Bybes!
If you click on the
Folders on the top right side,
it will pull up a "SEARCH" box for that folder.
It has the magnifying glass.
Type the title of the file you are searching for into the box.
From there it will pull up any of the files I have with the same title.
Click on the file you want to download and it will
pull up a YELLOW BOX that says
When it's ready, it will say:
Once you have clicked on the YELLOW BOX,
it will ask you if you want to "OPEN" or "SAVE"
Click "OPEN" and your file will load.
You may need to wait a second for the larger files to load,
but they should all be there.
. . . . .
I will be posting the
October Visiting Teaching Message
sometime tonight!
What a GREAT message...I can't wait!


Maggie said...

Tricia, I am running into the samr problem. The day keeper's days of the week opens to a download of Adobe. There are no files downloaded. And some of the stuff from last year is not in all of the files, but the same file is under two or three names with no difference. Sorry.

Bybee's said...

Ladies, ladies, ladies, I promise it's sooooo simple. This is Valerie, the famous person who helps Tricia. Of course I am only famous to Tricia. If you are having problems you are welcome to call me and I can walk you through it. ALLLLL the files are on there. I promise. I put them on myself and have tested them myself. You can leave a comment and Tricia can email you phone number since I don't want to publish it to the world right now.