Sunday, February 16, 2014

EVERYTHING Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness Class

We will be having another
"Back to the Basics"
This SATURDAY @ 10:00 am
Farmington West Stake Center
The class is:
...Prepared NOT Scared...
and will cover
that has to do with
Family Food Storage
Emergency Preparedness!
We have
TONS of information and displays
for you to see.
This class is for the BEGINNER
as well as the ADVANCED!
Hope to see


gabby said...

hi i i am knew here and i need a little help . I am trying to do food storage here in my country monterrey Mexcio. but it is so so hard because of the weather etc... do you have the information that you gave on the class??? thanks you

julliag said...

I live here in va now but my lil family will be moving somewhere probably in the sticks of Missouri at the end of sept. I would love any ideas on this subject as well if you had any ty..