Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Temple Punch Cards

To go along with our theme:
I made Temple Punch Cards.
Each time we go to the temple we will
keep track of how many baptisms, endowments, initiatories,
and sealings we do by writing them down
on the back of the card.
Mark an "X" over the number on the front of the card
each time you to the temple.
At the end of the year our whole extended family
will get together to see if we met our goal
and celebrate all the work that we have done for the year!
Here's the PDF:
We also made up a list for the kids who are
under 12 so that they will be able to
participate as well.
Temple Punch Card List PDF:
Here's the List:
Put a picture of the temple in your room.
Read about your favorite temple.
Visit the temple grounds.
Read scriptures on the temple.
Read a talk about the temple.
Have someone take a picture of you in front of the temple.
Draw a picture of your favorite temple.
Sing, "I Love to See the Temple" in FHE.
Have parents, grandparents or siblings tell you about the day
they were sealed in the temple.
Bear your testimony about the importance of temples.
Help teach a FHE Lesson on temples.
Tell a friend about your favorite temple.
Give a picture of the temple to one of your friends.
Can you imagine how much temple work
we can do as families?!?
This is such an important work...
are YOU up for the challenge?


sheri said...

It looks like Prepared Not Scared is back in business! You have been missed so much, keep it up!

Laurie said...

Could you please change the date on these to 2015?? Thank you I would love to use them this year.

JUST AMY :) said...

Yes what Laurie said:)

JUST AMY :) said...

yes what Laurie said:)

Prepared Not Scared said...

I posted the new cards for 2015!

Anonymous said...

Do you know when you'll post these for 2016? This is fantastic!

Prepared Not Scared said...

I will for sure! They should be ready next week along with the calendars, journal pages, and yearly theme pages :)!