Saturday, February 5, 2011

Calendar Pages!

I know I totally missed getting the January calendar to you.
It was a CrAzY month for sure!
We completely packed up our house
so that we could replace the baseboards, carpet and paint.
(A necessity after having to tear out the cement in the basement!)
After a LONG WEEK and a HALF
we were finally able to unpack and start
trying to get back to a somewhat normal life
and then it happened . . .
my DSL line was fried in a power surge, fixed that
only to find that the first time I turned on the computer,
I just happened to download a virus
that completely killed it.
There was seriously NO CHANCE of
bringing the big fella back this time!
It was time for a replacement.
My Christmas present was a new computer . . . YAY!
The only problem,
my husband made me wait until Christmas to open it.
Bless his heart!
I truly believe he enjoyed every minute of it!
It's a good thing I'm totally in love with that cute guy!!!
Christmas FINALLY came and we hooked up the computer
as soon as we finished breakfast.
This would be the time I usually take a Christmas morning nap.
(My boys are early risers!)
With great excitement, I turned on the computer
only to find that it was time now for the monitor to die!
I finally got a new monitor and with the help of my
friend Valerie, we were ready to go . . .
at least that's what we thought!
After just two days of blogging bliss,
my modem went out.
All of this was happening while I was trying to unpack.
My husband and I did what we do whenever
we get a little stressed . . .
We took a drive around the neighborhood.
Little did we know,
this would be a ride that would change EVERYTHING!
We just happened to drive down the street to see the sunset
and our favorite view.
To our surprise, we noticed that our dream home
had a FOR SALE sign in front.
(My husband can spot a For Sale sign from a mile away!)
We did a quick u-turn just to make sure we
weren't seeing things.
We took a tour the next day.
We put a bid in a week later . . . it was a low bid,
but we just had to pretend to try.
(There were 4 other bids and ours was not the highest.)
My husband and I were in a state of shock!
We had just redone our whole house
and this house is a lot smaller than our other house,
but the land . . . That Was The Deal Maker!
We signed on our new home January 21st!
So . . . to make a long story short,
that's why you didn't get the January Calendar pages
in January.
Here They Are:
(I'm hoping better late than never applies here!)

Here's the PDF:
2011 Calendar Packet PDF
Fill-In-The-Blank Calendar PDF:
2011 Fill-In-the-Blank Portrait Calendar Packet PDF
Woot . . . Woot!
Thanks for being so patient.
You're Absolutely Awesome!!!


The Smiths said...

I'm glad your back - Ithe next couple months bring a much needed break =). Thanks for all of your hard work.

Michelle said...

Yeah for you!, Glad to have you back have missed this blog big time~!!! I just got my chore cards done for my son... been sitting waiting to get them laminated for months so now its time for him to be a big boy! Can't wait for the church bag to get here! hurry please.....! Welcome back and enjoy the dream house!

Tricia Smith said...

Thanks Michelle!
The church bag should be ready soon!

Grannie K said...

Congratulations on the house. That happened to me and my husband once. It was great!! Thank you for the calendar. I really appreciate it.

Loves Blue said...

Thank you so much! I love everything you do and appreciate you sharing your talents with us. I made some of your cute things for Christmas and they were well received by my family who were the recipients. :)

Diana said...

Your life is a whirlwind (I follow intermittently as my own whirlwind allows)! Congrats on the house and thank you so much for the journal pages (and other fantastic ideas, organizational helps, and general inspiration). We are complete strangers but I just wanted to say thanks.

Dave and Natalie said...

Absolutely so cute!!! Would love to print them to put in my RS presidency's binders...would it be possible to add to April and October General Conference? (they are the frist sat. and sun in each of those months...not sure when fast sunday is yet...I think they leave that up to each stake to determine)

Tricia Smith said...

As soon as the fill-in-the-blank PFD is complete, you will be able to add anything and everything to your calendar . . . including birthdays, anniversaries, Dr.'s appointments, date nights . . . etc!
I love the fill-in-the-blank option.
Watch for it to be ready some time next week!
Have a great day!

emily and jared larsen said...

Thanks for your blog--and congrats on your dream house. It's incredible how little miracles and big ones take place amidst all the trials and messes we go through. And I really wanted to thank you for the darling journal pages that are less color to them. I was the one, or one of the ones --if there was more--to request that. They are perfect and darling. Thanks so much!

Dave and Natalie said...

Thank you so much!! Have you ever thought about teaching classes on how to do this cute digita stuff...if I lived closer I would totally BEG you to teach me :) of course...I guess knowing how to do it wouldn't give me your good thaks so much for sharing!

Tara M said...

Congrats on the new home-how exciting! Will you be doing the journal pages for the year as well? I would love to bind them in a book and have them ready to go. Thanks so much for all your hard work. We love your sight.

rita said...

Thank you so much for your willingness to share all of your ideas and talent. I am the one the called you about the vital records file right before you moved. So thank you for the download it is great! I will share it with my RS sisters. I want to download the pdf calendar in portrait, but when I go to the file it is for landscape, I am doing something wrong or do I just need to wait for the portrait files?
Again, thank you so much for all the great ideas and darling files.

Kids and Canning Jars said...
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Tricia Smith said...

Kids and Canning Jars . . .
I'm so sorry! I went to push publish on your comment and it said I deleted it. I tried to go back and change it, but it wouldn't let me.
Please know how much I appreciated your sweet comment!
It made my day!

Joni said...

Trisha -

I was wondering, I could'nt download the portrait calender, my computer doesn't accept doc could you download it as a pdf like you did the landscape one? Thanks, let me know. : )