Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's In My Hands!!!

Holy Cow!
I'm holding Chris' Mission Call
as we speak!!!
Does anyone have a steamer?
We tried to hold it up to the light
but it's too thick!!!

I hope I can wait until 6:00 pm.
The suspense is making me CrAzY!!!!
I am known for peeking . . . it's just what I do,
but today I'm going to wait . . . at least that's the goal!?!
Chris and I have had so much fun reading all of your
guesses.  It has made this time for us a lot more FUN,
and I have to say, knowing that there are so many
really amazing people out there willing to feed my boy
makes me feel so much better!
You're just the BEST!!!


Lynn said...

HA ha. I can totally relate. I did the SAME thing while waiting for our son to come home to open up his mission call. I hated that the envelope was too thick to read through. ; D

Make sure to video tape the entire opening. You'll treasure the facial expressions and comments for months to come!

Kathy said...

This is so exciting! My parents are serving their second mission in the Provo Mission Office. Their first one was in the Australia Sydney North Mission. I have a dear friend leaving for Novosibirsk, Russia a week from today. I am so excited for you.

Lisa said...

Now I really hope he comes to the Texas Panhandle because I have a son named Christopher Smith who will be an elder in 5 short, short years.

Good luck waiting from one Smith family to another.

Donna said...

i can hardly stand the wait and I'm not his mother!! My son doesn't put his papers in for 15 more weeks. I'm going to be a wreck with the anticipation. I will be watching for your post.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Tricia I am so happy for you......But, HIDE your address. Mission calls are so fun. Please let us know where he is off to.

kimber said...

It is 8:30pm where is Chris going??