Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Love Notes Heart Attack

Tricia really wanted to get these on but her day has been swamped and since I was already putting them on the My Heart & Home Blog, I thought I would help her out and put it on.  Sorry, none of the cute fluff and froof that she is a master at.  We figured the most important thing is to just get it out.  Our love notes were created back in 2008 and of course Tricia did an amazing job in creating them.  If you read through them there is a suggestion on what to give with each love note. If there is no suggestion then it is to just be given with your love.  We have created them as a whole set or as individual pages in case you do not want to print the whole set. 


Happy Valentine's Day!!!!


Becky said...

Super cute! Thanks so much!

Susan said...

Thanks for the heart attack notes. My Girls had fun using them to heart attack their Daddy!