Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Mother's Conference Journal!

The gospel never ceases to amaze me,
especially at Conference time.
I love to watch as people from all over the world
come together in obedience, to listen to a Living Prophet
and Apostles.
It's just AMAZING!!!
I have always taken notes during each of the conference speakers.
I know that the talks can be printed off almost immediately
after the session is over now days,
but for me ... writing it down makes it more personal.
I have received so many answers during this process.
I don't know if it's because writing it down makes
me listen more intently or what.
Just in case you haven't noticed .. . I'm a very visual person,
and even though just writing in a regular notebook was
fine, I wanted to make it into something I would
want to look at over and over again.
Hence . . .
was created.
Here It Is . . .
Cover Page
(This page slips into a 3-ring Binder.)
Back Page
Page 1
(Slip these pages into a sheet protector.)
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
I usually print two pages per speaker.
One to write on during conference, and the other
for personal study to use with the Conference Ensign.
I added a personal challenge for me and for my family
to the page I use during Conference.
This seems to be when the things I need to do in
my home and with my family stand out to me.
Even though we are being addressed
as a huge group . . .
The messages can be very personal!
These binders can be added to every conference.
It's an AWESOME reference as well as a
Fun Visiting Teaching Gift!
(Thanks for the idea Valerie!)
I'm soooo excited for Conference!
It feels like Christmas every Conference weekend  . . . I LOVE IT!!!
Here's the PDF:
My Conference Journal Packet PDF
These pages can be printed in black and white
if you don't want to use colored ink!
Hope you have a GREAT Conference Weekend!
Still more ideas to come!!!


Valerie said...

Are you putting this together in a binder? These would be awesome to make for my VT ladies!

Tricia Smith said...

I'm so glad you asked! Yes they do go into a binder. Thanks for the great idea!

JenHunsaker said...

What program did you create the header with the picture of Christ? These pages are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Tricia Smith said...

Thank You! I used an old Microsoft program, I'm not sure if they even sell it anymore!

Kids and Canning Jars said...

Love it, love it love it!

Christina said...

Thanks so much. Would you be able to leave the little picture frame empty for those of us who would like to add a pic of the speaker on the page that we use for reading the conference talks after conference? just a thought no big if it's not something you have time for. ;) Thanks for these I absolutely love the idea and I'm heading off to print for each of my sisters I visit teach.

Tricia Smith said...

I was in the process of formating the pictures yesterday for these pages and was planning on posting a part 2 today with your exact request. The pages will be up later today along with the kids journal cards!
Hope that helps!

Rainy Day Farm said...

I just recently found your blog and am so excited to search for great ideas. Thanks for having such a great resource site. Keep upnthe great work. I too am so excited for conference and love your binder idea.

Stacy said...

When I download the document it comes out as a docx not pdf and I can't get it to convert. Any suggestions?

Valerie said...

Are these in a PDF file, or a Word Document?
Mine are printing out in Word, but they are a little blurry.

Aubrie said...

love this! i am going to go print mine out right now! please link up to my Conference Idea Linky Party

aubrie @

Caren said...

I love this idea, but I can't figure out how to print it. It goes to some kind of file sharing site that seems complicated for those of us who are not so computer savvy :0)

Amber said...

Thanks so much for sharing, it is so kind! I am with you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Conference too.

Tricia Smith said...

On the right of the screen in above a yellow rectangular box it will say My Conference Journal Packet.pdf. In the yellow rectangular box it will say "Click here to start download from MediaFire.." That is what you click on and it will then ask if you want to save it or open it. It's your choice what you do from here. I know that there are lots of places where you can click, but the only place you need to click is in the yellow rectangular box on that saying I listed above.
Hope that helps!
I had a hard time the first time I tried to download something as well!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Thanks for this...I am using it today and I linked to you on my blog:

fostera said...

This is SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors and everything! I was wondering if you've ever considered making some for this month's BYU Women's Conference? I'd love to take a binder with these pages to take notes on as I attend! Great job! I'm going to link you up to my conference blogpost as well!
(I'm your newest follower!)

Tricia Smith said...

I would love to make pages for the BYU Women's Conference. Is there anything specific you would like to see on the pages?
Thanks for the link up!

Rainy Day Farm said...

Thanks for such a cute idea. I made this for Conference this weekend and used it and loved it. My husband even used the pages and asked me to make a more masculine binder for his notes. Thanks for all that you share on your blog, you are very inspiring to get motivated. Can't wait to spend some more time hanging around your blog.

Promosyon said...

I just recently found your blog and am so excited to search for great ideas. Thanks for having such a great resource site. Share your great work with us.

LeAnn said...

This is an awesome idea; thank you so much for this. I am very excited to use my new notebook during the sessions.
Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I have kept conference notes for many years but just put them in a plain binder that's all about to change, bring on the pretty cover!

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. I can't print it though. It goes to the sharing website, and I can't see the yellow box you mentioned. Is there a way to print it without purchasing it from that sharing website?

Prepared Not Scared said...

Try this link:
Google group no longer stores the files but you can still access all of them by going to the 2010 Folders on the top right hand side of the blog. You can do a search in each of the folders to find what you are looking for. Folders 1-3 are for the first to middle part of the year and folders 3-5 are for the middle to end of the year. Hope that helps!

Emily said...

This is such a great idea. The pages are so cute! I did a post about them on my blog here:

Prepared Not Scared said...

Thanks Emily!

Annie said...


Can I just say how much I love these ideas! I came across your blog when searching online. I am having major difficulty trying to download these Conference Journals from MediaFire. I've tried in three different web browsers on two different computers. I even work with computers and can't seem to fix anything. It brings up the link to download, but when I click on download, the page seems to "think" a little, and then nothing. It's a vicious cycle! :( I've even tried some of your other files with no success. Am I doing anything wrong? Is there any possibility that you can send the Conference Journal to my email instead? My email address is

Thank you so much for your time and consideration! You are one talented person! :)

Amber said...

I am not able to download the PDF from your link; I have tried all the backways to get it to save/download, etc - would you please send it to my email instead?