Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Christmas Blanket!

Neighbor Gift #2:
It's the Christmas Blanket!
The Christmas Blanket
May the warmth of this Christmas Blanket
Keep you safe and well.
May the SPIRIT of the season
In your hearts begin to swell.
You are friends we love and cherish,
And we hope this year you’ll find
The special peace that Christmas brings.
It is truly one of a kind.
We hope you like this blanket
It’s our Christmas gift to you!
May it WARM your hearts and homes,
Now... and All Year Through.
We thank you for your kindness.
We have one thing left to say,
Merry Christmas friends and neighbors.
Have a Happy Holiday!
With Love,

P.S. This blanket is perfect for your
72 hour kits!
Tricia O. Smith
Attach the tag to a blanket
and you're good to go!
You can find fleece blankets for around $3.00 now!
Here's the PDF:
Stay tuned... 

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