Thursday, December 1, 2011

Don't Eat.....!

You can fill in the blank on this game!
Don't Eat...
You choose a different one of Santa's reindeer
To Play the Game You Will Need:
The "Don't Eat....!" Cards - Laminated
You Can Use:
Gum Drops
Chocolate Covered Raisins
(Reindeer Droppings)
Or any other pieced candy you can think of!
This is a great game for classroom parties.
To Play The Game:
Divide the class into groups or stay together as one group if
you are playing as a family.
Put a piece of candy on each of the squares on the card.
Have one peson leave the room.
The rest of the group will choose one of
Santa's Reindeer.
Once you've made your choice,
the person can come back into to the room.
He or she can eat the candy from the card until they get to the
Reindeer that was chosen!
As soon as they go to pick up that piece of candy
every will yell, "DON'T EAT _______!"
and their turn is over.
Let everyone in the group take a turn.
Each time they leave the room the rest of the group
will choose a different Reindeer!
Here's the PDF:
It comes in an 8 1/2 x 11 or 5x7.
I will also be posting a...
Don't Eat the ELF!
Here's the PDF:
Don't Eat Santa's Cookies!
Here's the PDF:
I'm still working on the Bingo Game PDF files.
They will be up shortly...
We had some serious wind today and no power!
It was a great time to practice a little
Emergency Preparedness!
Good Times!!!


Happy Home Fairy said...

This is AWESOME! Featuring it at Happy Home Fairy tomorrow! THANK YOU!

Deb said...

So very cute! Thank you!

I'll be using this in my classroom for sure! Linking to this post on my teacher blog.

Oh My Little Classity Class

Do I know me? said...

Now this is silly but I can't figure out if the candies have to be replenished for each turn or not - it can be done either way, so which way do you do it?

Prepared Not Scared said...

I just refill the one's that were eaten during each turn.

Drew, Mindy & Halle said...

Darling! Thanks for sharing!! :)

Sara said...

Using in my kindergartner's class party. Thank you!