Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Know the Plan!

Summer is going by so fast!
I can't believe that school will be starting again
in less than a month!
As I was filling out my son's registration papers, I noticed
the old familiar Emergency Release Forms.
These forms include the names of the people your
child is authorized to be released to along with their
phone numbers.  It also includes their social security number,
parents names and numbers, as well as medical information.
Make copies of these forms and add them to your
Vital Records Binder.
Most of the Elementary Schools include this form in the
Back to School Packets, but the Jr. High and High School's
include this form as part of their registration.
Along with this form, you will most likely get
instructions for Emergency Evacuations
and procedures to follow.
Add these forms to your binder as well.
Check to see what the emergency plans are for your child's
Day Care or Preschool.
Do some checking to see what emergency supplies are available
in your child's classroom in the event of an emergency.
If your student does not
have emergency supplies available in their classroom,
you may want to organize a plan with the other parents
to make those supplies available.
As part of the Preparedness Project for Wednesday,
I will be posting a Child's Emergency Supplies List
to make a kit that will fit into a Ziploc bag.
A House of Order Organizing Project
is also on the way!
I'm trying to find a better way to
post the Bag Meals . . . so hang in there for just a minute.
The way I've been doing it so far is taking FOREVER!
Thanks for being so patient with me.

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