Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Activity - Back to School Shopping Dates!

One of our favorite
 Back to School Traditions
is a Shopping Date with mom and dad.
We take one boy at a time.
We go to their favorite stores, and take them out to lunch.
It's all about them!
A Few Things to Remember:
Set a budget with your child BEFORE you go.
This will help to make sure that they know the limits.
Make a of list of the things they need BEFORE you go.
I've included a blank Shopping List for you to use
if you would like.
Here's the PDF:
BE PREPARED, they will have a lot of sales.
Stay focussed and remember to stay in your budget.
Teaching your children to stay in a budget
early on can be one of the best lessons they will
ever take with them into adult years.
Make it FUN
Don't Forget Your Camera!
This is a memory you'll definately want to add to your scrapbook.
Have a GREAT Time!

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