Sunday, July 18, 2010

Vital Records - Geneology: Ordinance Records!

So how are you coming on the
Geneology Section?
Have you caught the
Family History Bug . . . Yet?
I love looking at old photos, so last week's assignment
(even though I'm not quite done) was a fun one for me.
As I looked through the pictures, I realized just how important
it is to write things down.  We think we will remember,
but as time goes on, we loose the details and the
tender feelings of that moment.
I guess what I'm trying to say . . .
Keep Written Documents,
Record Important Events,
Write in Your Journal!
It will make Geneology sooooo much easier.
(Wish I would have figured that out a lot earlier!)
For this next section you will need to record the dates of the
Church Ordinances
each of the members of your family has received.
We were surprised when we received a letter from the
First Presidency saying that they would accept Corey's baptism,
even though the records show that we baptized him
BEFORE he was eight.
I knew we didn't jump the gun . . . but the church records
had a different date and unfortunately I couldn't prove otherwise.
We lost a lot of pictures and records to water damage,
so instead of the "True Date" of his baptism, we have
a new date and a letter from the First Presidency.
The letter is super cool and everything, but I would have liked
to have the right date for such an important step in his life.
This page will give you a place to record important
Church Ordinances so that
you won't have the same experience I did!
Here's the PDF:
Copies of Original Records can be put into
clear page protectors and added to this section.
Keep Up the Good Work . . . This is an Important Section!

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