Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just a Few Hints and Helps for Your Bag Meals!

Here are just a few hints and helps
to make putting together and using your
Bag Meals
less expensive and more practical.
If you have been trying to find the canned butter,
you probably about passed out when you saw the price.
I know I did!
I couldn't believe how much the price has gone up since
I first started buying it.  Now instead of using my canned butter,
I use the butter from my fridge or freezer.
When I refill my bag, I just rotate that same can of butter
over and over.  I have read that it will last longer than they had
previously said, upgrading the shelf-life indefinately.
So I just try to buy a little extra each month to add to my
Food Storage Supply.
As far as the water goes,
the bottles can also be refilled and because
you are constantly rotating the meals,
you shouldn't have a problem.
I add syrup to some of my bags but it is more expensive,
so you can add this to your
*Pantry List or you can add the extra
water and a seperate bag containing the ingredients for
homemade syrup.
The goal is to have all of the meal items
in the bag and ready to go!
I appreciate all of your comments and questions.
It helps me to explain the systems better . . . so keep them coming!
Special Thanks to Gail for her great comment!


The Cox's said...

We got a recipe for canning your own butter in RS last year... I can pass it along if anyone is interested.

Miss Katie said...

yes, please!

celine said...

Where do you get the canvas bags and canned butter? I live in Davis County.

Tricia Smith said...

I ordered my bags online through
They are a lot more expensive than the plastic gift bags, (.99 cents per canvas bag and about .26 cents for the plastic gift bags).
I had a lot of the canvas bags left over from another project and they ended up being perfect for my Bag Meals so I used them instead of ordering the other bags. I did include the link and the size of the bags in the other post.
The military seems to be buying up all the butter lately . . . but Macey's usually stocks it. (I usually go to the one in Ogden, it has a better food storage selection.)
You can also get it online at
Most of the butter is on back-order until mid-August.
I'll let everyone know if I hear anymore on the butter.

kimber said...

we bought about 20 cases of canned butter about a year ago and it was a small forture! and the canned cheese was not much better! If u go to salt lake city to blue chip they have both when i was there about 3 weeks ago.

Tricia Smith said...

Thanks for the info.
I believe I will be heading that way in the morning!!!

Tara M said...

What about powdered margarine or butter? Is that a better way to go?

Fruit Hts Preparedness Forum said...

To the cox's ---yes please pass on your recipe to can your own butter. Thanks!