Sunday, July 25, 2010

Vital Records - Back It All Up!

We're finishing up the Geneology Section Today!
If you have created scrapbooks for your family
or your children, now is the time to scan the pages
and save them to a disc.
You don't have to scan EVERY page, but having a second
record of a special event you have recorded in a scrapbook
can give you peace of mind.
Sounds like a lot of work, but what is the first thing
you would grab if your house was on fire
 . . . after your children that is?
I've heard it over and over again,
you would grab your pictures or scrapbooks.
These books are filled with memories and it would be
 heartbreaking to loose a single one.
Now imagine having one chance to grab everything
important to you in one arm load and in just a few minutes
knowing that's all you get. 
No more chances to go back and get more.
The scanned pages would truly become priceless treasures!
Give a copy to your parents and grandparents and then
add copy to your Vital Records Binder.
Make sure your binder is stored in a place that is easy for
you to get to in case of an emergency.
This should be on your list of things to grab, and when
you practice for emergencies you should actually practice
taking this with you, so that it becomes second nature.
You can purchase page protectors for your CD's,
or you can put them into an envelope and tape them to the
 inside of your binder.
Set a goal to scan a certain amount of pages everyday
until you have finished, and then make scanning your
completed pages
a part of your scrapbooking process!
You have your assignment . . . now you can go to work!
We'll start on the HOME Section
of your Vital Records Binder Next Week.
Keep up the good work . . . You're getting closer!


Natalie said...

I'm still working on this! Again I am amazed at how you think of everything! Question: where have you found the page protectors for cds?

Tricia Smith said...

I got mine at Office Max. They have a section of divided and specialty sheet protectors.
You should be able to get them at any of the office supply stores, but for some reason I always end up at Office Max.
Hope that helps!