Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vital Records - Geneology Pictures!

Today's Assignment takes a little organization
and a little bit of time, but it's not too bad.
You will need to print thumbnails
of the family pictures you have,
save the pictures to discs and add them to your binder.
They have CD holder page protectors for you to use in this section.
(Check your local office supply store.)
You can divide this section by
family members or family names.
We tend to have alot of photos, which is where the
organization part comes in . . . so it may take you a little
while to get everything ready.
Having a printed index
of all of your pictures as well as a
copy on CD
is definately worth the effort!
I have had problems with my computer in the past and as
you know, my hard drive just died a couple week's ago. 
The first time it happened to me, I lost
but I have learned a thing or two since then.
After my first computer virus, I decided to backup all my files
using Carbonite, the only problem . . . they don't back up the external
hard drive and that's where I store 99% of my information.
I recently heard of a new computer storage company called,
They back up the external hard drive automatically.
Happy Day!!!
Using an outside source to backup my information
has given me peace of mind and I know that the information can
be accessed anytime and from any location.
I'm giving you a blank divider page for this section.
You can add family names and use the pages as dividers for
your photo's.
Here's the PDF:
(The page has been set up for you to personalize on your own.)
Thanks Valerie!
Keep up the Good Work!
The Gossner's Milk Orders will be here this Thursday.
If you didn't get your money to Tricia, please do so before then.
Don't Forget . . .
We get to go to the
Dry Pack Cannery this coming Tuesday @ 7:00 pm.
See YOU There!


Julie said...

Hi Tricia,
I am trying to find a post of a FHE (I think) that you did using a mock disaster and you took turns wrting down what you each would do after different events and now I can't find it. I looked in FHEs, but I still can't find it. Can you help?
This was a good one and I wnated to try it. Thank you.

thegirlwiththeplan said...

I say go ahead and upload everything to an outside source to like It is free after all and why not have another 2nd backup.

Tricia Smith said...

The FHE post you are looking for is in the Safety & Preparedness FHE under Earthquakes. I think it's the 3rd PDF.
Hope that helps!

Tricia Smith said...

Great information about Shutterfly.
Thanks for letting me know!