Thursday, July 1, 2010

A House of Order: Kids Laundry Hampers!

Doesn't the thought of laundry just make you
Nothing like a good stain to start the day?!?
Oh, the joys of Laundry!
It's one thing
we can count on EVERYDAY!!!
(Whether we like it or not.)
I do like the smell of fresh laundry,
and fresh sheets are . . . Pure Heaven!
The smell is my driving force to getting it done everyday!
There have been days I've been found in full fetal,
lying on the laundry room floor,
 sniffing a Bounce dryer sheet . . . trying to talk myself into
doing just one more load.
(Which usually happens after a long camping trip.)
Campfire smell is only good when it's fresh!
Thankfully the sweet smell of Bounce seems to pull me out of it
so I can get on with my day!

I love these laundry hampers!
They keep the clothes
off the floor and all in one place.
They hold a week's worth of laundry,
and they don't take up any floor space!
Here's What You'll Need:
(I used my family colors for the towels.)
Wooden Hangers for Pants and Suits
Dryer Sheets
If you've never sewn in your life . . .
You CAN make this!
It's actually a fun project to do with your older kids.
Step 1:
Sew a casing at each short end of the towel.
I folded the casing over about 2 1/2".
Step 2:
Turn right sides in and sew the two sides up to, but not
over the casing at the top.
Step 3:
Make a triangle in the corners and sew to make
the hamper have a square bottom.
Sew triangles into both corners of the bottom of the hamper.
Step 4:
Slide one side of the casing over the wooden dowel of the hanger.
If you would like to add a draw string using cording,
you would do this before you put the hamper on the hanger.
(If you have small children, this could be a choking hazzard, but for
older kids, college kids, and missionaries . . . I think they'll be OK!
These hampers are perfect for camping!
Step 5:
Add a box of fabric softener sheets.
That way the clean clothes in the closet stay clean,
and the dirty one's won't stink!

Hang this on a lower rod in the closet
and you're good to go!
Just thought I'd let you know . . .
I was just at Walmart and noticed that they had
restocked the sock clips.
I also found another kind of sock clip that will work and
they had a lot of them in stock.
(You can find them next to the hangers.)
They come in green and beige.
Next Week:
I will take you into my boys closets so that you can see
how I set them up with the laundry hampers and clothes bags.
An organized closet . . . now that's something to


Amy said...

You are truly amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!! We were using the "pop up" hampers but they get in the way. With this I don't have to listen to it's not mine, it's... Thanks bunchs!!! I will be getting towels @ Wal-Mart and giving my kids another sewing lesson :)

Cori said...

I LOVE this idea! We also have the pop up hampers and they're constantly in the way. Instead of the towel, I think I'm going to use some of the extra fabric I have lying around. Thank you!!!

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

Great Idea! You'll have to send pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I think you are amazing!!!! I have a question for you... we are living at my moms...4kids and my husband and I. I feel like there are constant piles of THINGS. Crafts,decorative dishes,clothes,you know a family of 6 living on top of my mothers 30 some years of stuff!!! Do you have an suggestions of how to organize? I am sooo ADD (HAHA) so i could really use an organized minds ideas!!! My email is Thanks so much!!!

laundry hampers said...

This is a really nice idea you got here. I want to try them out for my kids.