Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Preparedness Project - Emergency School Bags!

I think
Wednesday is my favorite post day
of the week.
I love being able to do something that I can check
off my list and it actually stays done for a while.
With the dishes and the laundry, the check mark on my
To Do List only stays checked for a minute
and then it's time to do it all over again.
Can I get a Whoot Whoot for laundry?!?
Love It!
I have two projects for you today.
(Should be a productive day!)
The first project is the
Emergency School Bags.

The second project is an organizing project
that will help you to
get the kids ready for school . . .
Here we go . . .
Emergency School Bags can be stored in a tote
in your child's classroom.
The contents fit into a gallon-sized Ziploc bag and
are filled by the parents.
The Contents Include:
N95 Mask
Food Bar
Small Bag of Candy
Small Flashlight
Rain Poncho
Small Emergency Blanket
Glow Bracelet
Family Picture

A Small Wrapped Gift
(To keep their hands busy and their minds in a happy place.)

A Letter from Mom and Dad
(If you are not able to get to them for a while, a letter from you
 could really help to them feel more secure in a scary situation.)
and a
Quick Glance I.D. Tag

Here's the PDF:
(Use page 3 of the PDF as your Quick Glance I.D. Tag)
The Emergency School Bags will be sent home
with the child on the last day of school.
The only thing you would need to trade out for
the next year is the Food Bar, Water, and Candy.
The Letter, Family Photo, and I.D. Tag can also be up-dated.
I give my kids the gift as a little graduation to the next
class surprise, so that will also have to be replaced
for the next year.
This is definately a project that needs to
organized by the parents.
Teacher's have a lot on their plates and anything
we can do to lighten their load will be much appreciated I'm sure!
I love simple things that can make such a difference
in an Emergency Situation. 


Deb said...

As a teacher, I LOVE this idea! Awesome! Thanks!

LCB said...

this is a great idea for all kinds of possible issues. I am going to make a bunch of them for the car the emergency house kit the possibilities are limitless

Brooke said...

Deb...would you like it if a parent took this on as a project? I'm thinking of asking my son's teacher (4th grade) if she would like me to do that. Thanks.

Natalie said...

How have you gone about doing this? How have you approached the teachers? How have you gotten the parents involved?! I would love to hear more about the logistics of it! Great idea!

Tricia Smith said...

I'm working on putting together a PDF form letter to use for the teachers and the parents. This should make things a lot easier for the parents who want to oversee this project.
Watch for this next week.