Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Congrats . . . !

Congrats Jess!
Your the Winner for Monday's
Twenty-A-Day Challenge!!!
Send me your address
and I'll send you your PRIZE!
This is so exciting . . . I can hardly stand it!
My boys think I'm such a nerd every time I put your
names into the hat and then cheer by myself when I
draw out the winner!
I almost tried to do the splits once, but . . .
then I remembered,
I'm OLD and it might hurt . . .
besides that,
I probably wouldn't even be able to get up!!!
Hope you are all starting to
enjoy your extra space.
I've have been seriously
impressed by your efforts!
I will post the Ark Prep 101 and
as many of the other forgotten posts as I can tomorrow. 
I have been busy taking care of my patient
and loving every minute of it!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I've gotten rid of another 20 items today.Slowly seeing the progress. Thanks so much for this challenge!!!
from California

Kally said...

I follow your blog and think you do SOOO many awesome things. Thanks for sharing, and I hope its okay that I'm looking at your blog. We are located in St. George, just so you know. I have started to go through all of my kids doctor slips they give you and put them in order, and organize there pictures. I have started to go thru my computer desk and shredded tons of paper. This is such a awesome idea, and I needed a push and this gave me that push so thank you!

Kally Campbell

Sherol said...

Trying to clean up my office and getting rid of papers by the garbage can full. Wow, I have bought so many organizing bins and now I have empty bins.