Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Journal Pages!

It's officially August!
Here are the Journal Pages for the Month:
Journal Page
Photo Page
Photo Blocks
This time you can fill in the blanks on your
computer if you would like.
(This is just for YOU, Granny K.!)
I'm including the PDF files for past months,
just in case you want to be able to fill in the blanks there too!
Here are the PDF's:
The Vital Records Pages are on the Way!


Grannie K said...

You are without a doubt the coolest lady in the world. Not only do you read your comments, but if you get one you like you act on it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I used to read my e-mail first thing, but for quite a while I read your blog first and then move on to other things. I did find the paint can stove selection and added it to my to do list. I have everything to put it together but the tile. Thanks again for all you do.

emily and jared larsen said...

I was wondering if there is a way you could create the FHE journal pages on a white background, but still cute and clever (that way it wouldn't use up so much ink) I love the pages and the idea and want to incorporate the idea for my family. I am sure you are extremely busy, so I understand if you are unable to. But if you are able to create that or have an idea of how to do them but not copy the colored background--if you could let me know. Thanks so much.

I absolutely love your blog. It's wonderful!!! Thanks for doing it and for all your great ideas.

thank you!