Thursday, August 5, 2010

Family Activity - Back to School Family Fashion Show!

Back to School Clothes are the BEST!
I couldn't wait for the first day of school so that
I could wear my new clothes and see my friends.
You're going to need your camera
and some serious moves for this family activity.
It's a Back to School
Fashion Show!
Make sure to take tons of pictures
with all of their different outfits.
My boys have spent hours laughing at my husbands
short shorts and my 80's fashions.
They obviously have no sense of TRUE STYLE!
I have a feeling I will enjoy bringing their
Fashion Show photos out for some laughes in a few years.
Now is also a great time to take pictures of outfits.
These pictures are a great way to help kids put outfits together.
(And they might even coordinate!)
School Clothes Outfit Pictures
are a Favorite Tradition in our family.
Print 2 copies of each outfit.
Laminate the photos,
Punch a hole in the corner and
Connect them with a "C"-ring. 
I hang mine on a command hook in the closet. 
They can flip through anytime and be inspired in minutes.
Have a Fun Family Night!


Allison said...

We've been doing this for several years now, I've got 5 girls so fashion shows are right up their alley and they love it! We put up a sheet for the background, take pics of every outfit, even church dresses, then I print all the pictures and put them in a soft cover photo book (Wal-Mart $1 in the photo processing dept.) they love it!
Thanks SO MUCH for doing this blog, I just found it earlier this week and have been busy making the hanging towels, get ready boxes and put together shoe boxes for my two youngest to pick out their clothes for the week, LOVE it!!!

Tricia Smith said...

My 4 boys love it too! It's a great opportunity for them to flex for the family. I'm sure the girls are much more refined in their runway skills. The outcome is the same every year . . .
A night of new clothes and giggles! LOVE IT!