Friday, August 20, 2010

Family Activity - Clean Room Relay!

Before we get started with today's
Family Activity . . .
I need to announce yesterday's
Twenty-A-Day Challenge WINNER.
The LAST contest winner is:
Send me your address and I'll send you your PRIZE!
I'm mailing out all of the prizes on the same day
so if you haven't gotten yours yet . . . YOU WILL!
Thanks to EVERYONE who took the challenge.
I hope it has made your home a little less cluttered
and ready for some fun new ways to organize
the spaces in your home!
Today's Family Activity Is:
A Clean Room Relay!
We are on the final countdown before school starts
and having a clean room will make mornings, homework,
and everything else go so much smoother.
I love it when we can make everyday jobs seem like a game.
It's not always the first thing we try, usually because
we're exhausted just trying to keep up with everything
and everyone.
Before long we find ourselves getting into the nagging rut,
BUT when we get a little creative . . . great things can happen!
Mary Poppins was a PRO at this concept.
That whole spoon full of sugar thing was GENIUS!!!
The kids go to work without even realizing
what's happening!
Here's How It Works:
You will be given 8 Tasks.
Each task will be given one at a time.
After each of the tasks is completed
you will earn a number of points.
If you have small children you may want to:
Divide into two teams so that
you can help little ones with their assignments.
Each time a task is completed . . .
A treat can be given along with the points.
This will help to keep
interest and incentive throughout the relay!
Music always makes things more FUN as well.
Here are the Clean Room Relay Task Cards:
Make My Bed
8 Points

Pick Up My Clothes
5 Points

Pick Up & Put Away My Toys
(Or Other Out-Of-Place Items)
5 Points

Take Out the Garbage
4 Points

Straighten Dresser and Nightstand Tops
6 Points
Spotwash Fingerprints and Doors
5 Points
5 Points

6 Points

You may want to set up a little treat stand
or a mini store for the kids to spend the points they've earned,
or you can give small treats or privileges along the way
and have ICE CREAM CONES for the REWARD!
Here's the PDF:
Clean Room Relay Cards PDF
Have a great time
working and playing together.
Remember it's a game . . .
Take pictures to add to your family scrapbook,
the evidence of smiling faces
will show just how much FuN working together can be!

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raising4boys said...

I love the idea of points! Today we cleaned the kids rooms and my boys would have loved this game :) I'll try to remember it next time, thanks.