Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What an AMAZING Day!!!

Today has been one of those days that you
I had the opportunity to be with my oldest son as
he received his patriarchal blessing.
What an amazing opportunity!
I am still on a spiritual high for sure.
I took the opportunity to attend the temple today.
I always thought that the celestial room was beautiful,
but the way the sun poured into the windows casting reflections
from the crystals in the light onto the floor
made it even more breath-taking.
There is a TRUE PEACE in the temple!
I didn't post today because I wanted to focus on
Chris and his blessing.  I am truly grateful for the opportunity
it gave me to feel the Spirit and to feel closer to my Savior.
I hope that even if you don't know me personally . . .
You will never doubt that I have a testimony of this gospel.
Thank You
for letting me have a personal moment on the post today!
It has been a day I will NEVER FORGET!
I will be back to REGULAR posting in the morning!!!
(August doesn't count as regular . . . that was a CrAzY Month!)
All I can say is . . . "Whew!", we made it through that one!


Melody said...

What a special day indeed! I am happy for your family. My son and I received our Patriarchal Blessings at the same time. Like you, I will always remember and treasure that day.

Julie said...

How wonderful! What a special day.