Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All the PDF Links are Fixed!

I don't mean to alarm you, but . . . 
The PDF Files Are All
Working Now . . . Yeahhhhh!
Not only are they working,
but they are all on this one post!
 The PDF Files include:
in the
Day Keeper!
Which by the way, includes the:
Kids Chore Cards, Goal Pages, 
FHE Planner, Bag Meal Cards,
and the Mix Meal Cards,
just to name a few.
You can fill in the blanks on your own.
If you didn't know you are
LOVED before . . .
This was truly a labor of LOVE!
Which I have to say,
"I am very grateful for the opportunity
I have been given to serve!"
You are on my mind often,
and I am praying for your success!
Thank YOU Again Valerie for
All YOUR help and expertise . . .
You Amaze ME!
Here are the PDF's:
Day Keeper White Pages
FHE Goals Pages
FHE Goals Smaller Version
Mixes and Zones Pages
Days Of the Week Pages
Allowance Receipts PDF
House Zones New PDF


Julie said...

I can't even say how awesome you are to do all this for all of us, especially those of us that are strangers!!! Thank you, thank you and I hope you never stop.

Anonymous said...

None of the links are opening up for me???

Cari said...

you are so sweet!!! Thank you so much for helping me get my life in order.

Michelle said...

I am SOOO feelin' the LOVE! Thanks so much! You are awesome! Sending some love right back at ya!

Brenda said...

For everything.

Melissa said...

Thanks for all you do! I am not in your ward but love looking at your blog. Usually multiple times a day!

Rob and Shannon LaFontaine said...

I am not in your ward (hopefully you don't mind, a friend shared this sight with me) and I LOVE everything you post!! This is an amazing resource. Thank you, thank you!

Melinda said...


Natalie said...

This was a labor of love... although, I haven't started this project yet (just finished the princess chore chart!) I am amazed at how much time, effort, and love you have put into this... and I'm just seeing a little teensy bit!

JOY said...

WOW! Y R amazing! Thanks!

shezaspoiledbrat said...

Is there no Blank PDF for kids jobs? I can't seem to locate it. I must say though I love this idea and can't wait to implimant it.

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

The Kids Jobs are on page 5 of the Mixes and Zones part of the PDF.
Hope that helps!

Trisha said...

I am so thankful to have found this blog!!! Thank heavens for Sugardoodle!! Thank You!!!

Melinda said...

When I click on the "Days of the Week Pages" it doesn't open up. I get a message saying I can download Adobe Reader 8 or click on a file in the packet to view. I don't see anything else to click on. I do have Adobe Reader 8. Any suggestions on how to get these pages? Thanks.

Tara M said...

I have now been using my daykeeper for three weeks. I love it! I feel ultra organized having it all in one place. Question, do you tote that big binder all around with you?

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

I leave my Day Keeper on my desk, but I have a little notebook in my purse to stick my To Do List Post-It's to.
I take it with me to meetings, and I ended up spiral binding my calendar so that I could take just the calendar with me whenever I need it.
Hope that helps!

Michelle said...

Thank you so very much for doing this! I have been looking all over for something like this, and I am not creative enough to think of all of these things on my own. I truly appreciate all that you did and have done to share this with us all!

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

I hope you enjoy it!
Thank You so much for the sweet comment!

shauna said...

Thank you! I love absolutely everything about this blog and I can't wait to get this particular project finished!

shauna said...

So, I have a question. I have been using this but I find that my Vis a Vis marker "bleeds" onto the page protector that is opposite it. Is there any way to stop this? It is driving me crazy to open my book and see blotches of writing from the other page all over it. Do you have to let the page dry for awhile? I thought I was giving it enough time but apparently not. Any advice?

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

Try wiping the page a few times with a wet wipe. It will bleed a little at first, but it usually stops once you clean the page a few times. Keep letting it dry like you have, if it continues, you may want to just laminate the pages instead of using the page protectors.
Hope that helps!

Debi Hepworth said...

Just found this post, and I am wondering if you are going to post updates (when you get your internet back of course) with 2011 goals and holidays sheets instead of 2010.
Thanks & I hope to see you back in the blog world soon!

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

I will be adding the 2011 pages this week so that you can up-date your Day Keepers.

Stettie Cakes said...

I cant seem to get the links to work for me. Am I doing something wrong? Help!

Prepared Not Scared said...

Google group no longer stores the pdf files, but you can still access ALL of the pdf files on this blog using Media Fire. Just go to the 2010 Folders in the top right hand side of the blog. You can do a search in each of the individual folders to find what you are looking for. Folders 1-3 are for the first to middle part of the year, and folders 3-5 are for the middle to end of the year.
Hope that helps!

Patricia said...

I just came across this site today. Omgosh I cant wait to start my binder! Thank you so much for helping me get organized! I am new to this. Do you have updated blank day keeper pages for 2012?