Sunday, June 27, 2010

Vital Records - Financial: Safety Deposit Boxes, Taxes, & Emergency Quick Cash!

We're finishing up the Financial Section
of the
Vital Records Binder TODAY!
Only 5 more sections to go!!!
Today's Assignment:
Safety Deposit Box Information
Tax Returns
(Include copies from the last 3 years.)
(You will need to print 1 page for each year of taxes.)
Emergency Quick Cash!
Please have on hand some Extra Cash
Small bills and some change are best.
Think about what you use your Debit or Credit Card for on a daily
basis . . . now think about what you would do if you couldn't use it?
Cash can be kept in your Vital Records Binder!
My Suggestion:
Put some cash into a clear page protector
and then sew the top closed!
I'm serious . . . it works, I've tried it!
That's It!
Here's the PDF:
The Next Section We Will Be Working On Is:
The Geneology Section
(I need a lot of help in this section, so I'm looking forward to it,
and dreading it, all at the same time.)
Don't Forget . . .
Tuesday is the last day to turn in the order forms for
Gossner's Milk and the Dry Pack!


Anonymous said...

This is a new question for you.
I purchased the dry pancake mix at my local dry cannery but it comes in (4) 4lb bags.
How can I break this up for my family of 4?
Also I did not realize but I ended up with the (12) 28oz bags of potato pearls (serving size 44)-- Have any ideas on how to break these two items into smaller portions?? Thanks-
from California

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

I'm so glad to hear that you bought the pancake mix, we will be using it a lot in our Bag Meals next month. As for the potato pearls, you can check out the canner from the dry pack and can them, the shelf life isn't as long as the potato flakes, but canning them is a great way to keep them fresher longer. We will be using the potato pearls in the Bag Meals as well. If you have a Food Saver, you could divide them into portion sizes and store them that way, or you can use quart-sized jars with an oxy-pack.
Hope that helps!