Friday, June 4, 2010

A House of Order . . . The Noble Knights Are Here!

'Tis said that a . . .
True and Noble Knight
Will Do His Duties
Without a Fight!
How could we have a Princess
without a Noble Knight?!?
The Noble Knight Chore Chart is the same
as the Princess and the Frog Chore Charts.
Just print the PDF file, laminate and attach the Knights
to tongue depressors.
Add their "Duties" to the tongue depressors.
Here's the PDF:
Hopefully this will help to "SLAY" the
Summer Chore Dragons!


Anonymous said...

Summer chore dragons, I love it!!
You're just the best Tricia.
Looking forward to completing
my day timer. I'm sure you're
swamped with end of year activities
like most of us are.
Have a great weekend.
from california

Valerie Bybee said...

FINALLY! A copyright. Looks great Tricia.

Mary said...

Amazing! I love everything you do! These knights are so precious and are just what I needed today. Thank you thank you!
I watch your blog faithfully! I love it!

Amy said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!! My five little guys will love it, too!! Again thank you so very much!!!

Nikki said...

I love it!!! The castle is pretty much the same castle my son has, haha. I'm going to print this right now!! Thank you :)

Linda S said...

SOOO adorable! How creative!

Jennifer said...

Are these not available anymore? I can't get the pdf files to even come up for me. I click on the link then it says found and to follow another link with Google docs, but then just brings up a group discussion page? Can you send me the file for the knights and the princesses? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

These cute knights are not available anymore. Is there any chance you could repost? Loooooove them!