Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family Activity - Let's Go Fishing . . . Toe Fishing!

When was the last time you went

Good Times . . . HUH!
Never been fishing?!?
Don't Worry . . . It's a great adventure!
The first time we took our boys fishing,
(We were Rookies after all!)
My son, Corey was a little sad about going home empty-handed,
so we decided to stop at the store and buy a whole fish
with eyeballs and everything!
Our plan was to take it home and cook it up so that all the boys
could have a taste . . . or at least that WAS the plan.
Once Corey saw the fish, he immediately started to cry and
decided we should just bury it in the yard so that it could be
(Did I mention the fishes name was BARRY!)
(Hee Hee . . . so stinkin' cute!)
It has become one of our FAVORITE MEMORIES,
and the tree we planted the fish by . . . grew like no other!
If the thought of fishing gives you a serious case of the
SHIVIES . . . Here's another option!
You won't need a fishing license for this Family Activity
and you won't be stinky by the end!
It's called "Toe Fishing"
and you can do it in your own backyard!

You Will Need:
Plastic Fish or Sea Creatures
(I found mine at the Dollar Store.)
A Plastic Pool,
Some Water,
The Object of the Game:
Is to catch as many fish as you can
using only your toes . . . in 1 minute.
(Just a little bit of cheating going on in the picture above.)
The fish have to be thrown from the wading pool
with your feet.
Each fish found on the ground
after the minute is worth a point.
gets a bag of Swedish Fish as their Prize!
It's nice to have a buddy to hold on to when you're fishing
just for balance . . . We're not as coordinated as we were
in our younger years and without a buddy to hold on to,
Mom's most likely goin' down!!!
Yep, I know this one from PERSONAL EXPERIENCE!
(Another great family memory!)
This is a great game to play at a
School's OUT, Party!
Have a great day FISHING!

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Jen said...

Your stuff is adorable! I love all your great ideas! Thanks for sharing.