Saturday, June 19, 2010

Last Minute Father's Day Surprise!

Here's a last minute Father's Day Idea
just in case you need a little sum . . . sum!
It's the Father's Day
Wall of Fame!
Here's What You Need:
10 Pieces of Colored Cardstock
Glue Dots
To Create the Wall:
Print the PDF on the Colored Cardstock.
Laminate Pages
(If you want them to be reusable!)
Cut Out Letters
Add Ribbons and Buttons
(Here's a little closer look at the buttons and ribbon.)

Put it on the wall using Poster Tack.
Add Photos and Candy Bars,
Streamers and Balloons.
Have each family member
Write a Quick Note or Draw a Picture
for Dad and attach each of them to the wall.
I didn't add all of the extra's because
I was afraid my husband would see it!
(I was trying to be sneaky.)
He'll be so surprised to see that
HE made it to the . . .

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