Friday, June 4, 2010

Preparedness Project - Emergency Car Kit!

I know it's Friday . . . but this was supposed
to automatically post Wednesday, and it didn't!
(I just noticed that it didn't last night, sorry about that.)
Oh Well . . . Friday Works Too!
I don't know about you, but I have my
"Perfect Emergency"
all planned out!
My entire family will be at home,  dinner will be ready,
and the meal will be something easy to take with us,
my emergency items will be placed neatly by the door,
the clothes in my 72 hour kits will fit everyone
perfectly and be in season, the cars will all be full of gas
with a great movie ready to go in the DVD player,
and our 72 hour kit food will be AMAZING!
Yep, that's my Perfect Emergency!
Sad as it is . . . I'm pretty sure the chances of that happening
So, here's an option that gives me a little more
peace no matter where my family happens to be
in an emergency . . .
An Emergency Car Kit
This is what mine looks like:
It's a cooler on wheels!
I got mine from Walmart.
There is a seperate cooler in the top.
I keep my emergency food here.  We rotate this often!
(My kids always seem to need an "Emergency" snack.)
I use the next section, or second cooler to hold:
Gloves, Hats, an Extra Scraper, Fire Extinguisher, Fix a Flat,
Toilet Paper, Wet Wipes, Hand Sanitizer, Ziploc Bags, Duct Tape,
Electrical Tape, Waterproof Matches, Fire Starters, Lighter,
Rubber Gloves, N95 Masks, Road Flares, Tie Backs, Rope,
Fleece Blanket, Rain Ponchos, Flashlight with Batteries,
Handcrank Radio, and Cell Phone Charger.
I used the side pocket to hold:
Jumper Cabels and a Small Folding Shovel

I used the front pocket to hold:
Hygiene Kits, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste, Female Hygiene
Supplies, Sewing Kit, Fingernail Clippers, First Aid Kit, Asthma,
Alergy or other Prescription Medication (including Asprin),
Hard Candy, Compass, Whistle, and some Garbage Bags.
If you have a baby . . . add an Extra Binkie, Bottle, and
a few Diapers.
I used the hidden pockets to hold:
Emergency Quick Cash, Emergency Information Kit,
An Extra Credit/Debit Card, and Extra Keys to Home and Cars.
Emergency Car Kits Should Include
Everything you might need if your car breaks down on a lonely
road, if you are stranded in your car during a sudden
weather emergency,
Or if you have to evacuate in a disaster type situation.
Car kits are the ideal safety tool for your travels
All Year Round!
Severe conditions or disaster emergencies
can happen anywhere, in any season!
Make sure you are prepared with car tools and items
that can keep you warm, provide light, keep you hydrated,
and can signal for help.
Here's a list of the items you should have in your
Emergency Car Kit:
Emergency Car Kit List PDF
Make sure you check around the house for
emergency items, BEFORE you go to the store.
I think you'll be surprised to find you already have alot
of the items on the list laying around the house. . .
 they just need to be gathered
and organized!
You can buy your car kit already put together
and then add a few more items:
This is what comes in the one you can buy:
Booster Cable
Fix a Flat™ 12 oz can (non-flammable)
Multi Purpose Tool w/ Pouch
Chemical Glow Stick
Tie Down – 18”
Help Sign
Siphon Pump
Plastic Gloves
Cloth Gloves
Cable Ties – 30
UL Electrical Tape
Space (Wool type) Blanket
Rain Poncho
First Aid Kit – 24 piece
I noticed that this car kit has
NO FOOD included!
I would add some for sure . . . I don't want to be sucking
on hidden rotten ketchup packets if there's an emergency and I'm
in my car!  I also added some cash and some emergency instructions.
Otherwise, either one of the car kits are great choices,
the most important thing is to just . . . GET THEM DONE!


Natalie said...

Holy Cow! How in the world did you fit all that stuff in there?! Thank you for the comprehensive list. There are so many things I didn't/wouldn't have thought of!

Natalie said...

Another question! :) Did you buy the road kit and then transfer it to the rolling cooler (and add stuff)?

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

It's like trying to fit into a girdle . . . It takes a while, but eventually everything fits!
(You may work up a little bit of a sweat by the end, but it does fit.)
Good Luck!
I built my kit from scratch, but the I think it would be less expensive to just buy the kit and add to it.