Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Homeland Security!

I know this isn't the most exciting information . . .
But it is important to know and could make all the
difference in an emergency situation.
It's the:
Homeland Security System!
It's a color-coded system.
It's easy to understand and with the extra information
included on each of the cards below, you can
be more prepared and informed as a family.
White or No Color:
You will notice, that the time to PREPARE is . . .
BEFORE the emergency situation.
When you get to the RED and ORANGE areas,
it's time to implement the plans put into place
in the YELLOW, GREEN, and WHITE areas.
Emergency Situations aren't the most
pleasant thing to think about infact,
the very thought of it gives a lot of people a
serious case of anxiety, but just remember. . .
Knowledge IS Power!
Know the plans that have been put into place so that
you can take better care of your family in emergency situations.
Here's a PDF to add to your Vital Records Binder:
Here's the PDF in Spanish:
Thanks Veronica!
Watch for more PDF files in Spanish.


CindyG said...

Did I miss how to put together the Day Keeper Binder?

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

That's coming tomorrow . . . FINALLY!
Sorry for making you wait sooo long.