Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - Important Non Food Items for Storage!

The list I have for you today is a great base
for the Emergency side of Preparedness.
Included in the list are:
Cooking Items
Safty Items
Sanitation Supplies
Hygiene Supplies
as well as
Pet Supplies
You most likely have these items laying around
the house, which is GREAT, but . . .
We're going to take it one step further!
It's time to get things organized into the categories
listed above and to create an inventory list.
How nice would it be to KNOW exactly where everything
is, and even better . . . to be able to find it when you need it?!?
Here's the List PDF:
(The PDF includes an Inventory Check-Off List as well.)
Focus on One Section a Day.
That's It!
In 8 Days you'll have the entire list completed!
Don't Forget to Vote!


Anonymous said...

Hi...I love your web site and all of your excitement,hard work, and enegy that you put into it! THANKS for getting me excited also...and for your willingness to share!!! I'm having trouble printing some of the PDF lists...is it just me? or is there a problem? Thanks again...deb

The David and Tricia Smith Family said...

I just tried it out and it worked. You may need to hit refresh to get it to come up.
I'll keep checking to make sure it's working.