Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another Last Minute Father's Day Idea!

Here's a cute way
to serve Dad
Father's Day Breakfast that's
Fit for a KING!
(Picture Coming . . .)
You will need:
A White Dress Shirt
A Tie
I used a new white shirt and tie as part of his
Father's Day gift.
The Father's Day Qualitites Cards
(Included in the PDF below.)
Here's the PDF:
Father's Day Card Packet PDF
To Finish the Father's Day Cards:
Just add a quality starting with the letter on the card.
For Example:
H - Honest, Humble, Handsome . . . etc.
(You will do this with each letter.)
The cards will spell out:
Happy Father's Day!
Button the shirt and put it over the back of the chair.
Tie the tie and put it on the shirt.
Tie a ribbon around the cards and put them
in the pocket of his shirt.
Seat him at his chair of honor and let him read
about all of his greatest qualities while he enjoys
a nice hot breakfast.
He'll love it!

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