Sunday, June 20, 2010

Kid's Father's Day Cards for The Wall of Fame!

I made these cards to go with the
Father's Day Wall of Fame.
Each of my boys took a few minutes to write down
some of the things they LOVE about their dad.
We added them to the wall with the candy bars
and streamers!
Here's the PDF:
Happy Father's Day
to all the Great Dad's out there!


Bybee's said...

Would love to see a final picture of what the wall turned out like with all your additions! It would be a great addition to this post!

Tricia Smith said...

Pictures are on the way!
It turned out really FUN!

Anonymous said...

When I click on the pdf it just goes to google documents. Am I doing something wrong?

Rayel said...

When I click on the link I get a link to google documents instead of the doc. I hope I will be able to see this sometime.

Tricia Smith said...

It's fixed . . . Thank You for letting me know.