Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ark Prep 101 - "Family Survivor!"

Conference Weekend is coming up
and it's the Perfect Time
to gather the
Whole Family Together
to brush up on your
We get together once a year as a family
for a Fun Family Retreat!
We spend the night in my parents backyard.
There are tents and people everywhere!
We usually have a theme to base our
activities around.
 Shows like . . .
Fear Factor, The Apprentice, and Survivor!
Next year I'm thinkin' Chopped would be a fun one.
This is a great opportunity to get the teenagers involved,
especially if they like a little healthy competition!
We based "OUR Survivor" on
President Hinckley's B's
but I found some great ideas on Sugardoodle
that would bring the Emergency Preparedness Part
into your activity!
Here's the Link:
Link #2:
Here are a few of the photos from our Survivor Activity:
Our Goal was to:
Get Our Torches Lit with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
The "Survivor" reality TV show puts the torches
out when a player is voted off.
We set these torches up in the front yard of my parent's home
the last day of our retreat.  Before each person lit their torch,
my mom and dad bore powerful testimonies.
It was a great way to finish things off.
There were 37 torches . . . it was an AMAZING sight!
This is a picture of the family on top of the "H" in Henefer.
Be Still is one of the B's, so we hiked to the top
and just enjoyed the view!
We played a few games on the hill.
The teenagers loved the challenges!
This is a picture of my family.
Our color is blue . . . wonder if the 4 boys had something to do with that!?!
We all wore bandanas in our colors.
The backyard was filled with tents in every shape and size.
The kids did their best but . . .
in the end it was Grandma that blew everyone away!
We watched movies outside in the dark and we
hooked up the video games for the TEENAGER'S
to play that night, but the dad's ended up taking over!
Remember to make sure you have
games and challenges
for every age.
The most important part of this activity
was what it did for our family.
It's true that a family that plays together . . .
stays together! 


Jean said...

How do you watch movies outside? I have wanted to do that but have no idea how. It seems to me I would need expensive equipment.

Tricia Smith said...

We just brought one of our TV's outside and plugged it in. It wasn't anything fancy . . . but we had a blast. Some people use projectors and their garage door for the screen, but the TV worked fine and we have a pretty big family. We just huddled close and enjoyed the popcorn!