Monday, September 13, 2010

Safety & Preparedness Family Home Evening - Clean Hands!

Tis' the season . . . for SICK KIDS!
It seems like we only get about a month into school
before EVERYONE starts to get sick.
Today's Safety and Preparedness Family Home Evening
is all about . . . Good Hygiene!
I put together some cards to help remind family members
to wash their hands . . . the RIGHT way.
Remind the FAM that . . .
This is an absolute after using the restroom!
Remind them to wash before eating as well.
Here are the CARDS:
Get your hands wet . . .
Add some soap . . .
Sing the "Twinkle Little Star" Song
while you work the bubbles along . . .
Rinse the bubbles away . . .
Dry them 'til they sparkle!
Have your family follow you into the bathroom for a
 quick lesson in hand washing.
Show them the proper way to sneeze and cough!
You sneeze and cough into your elbow so that the germs won't
spread as easily as they would if you sneezed into your hand.
Use Kleenex to blow your nose . . . instead of your hand.
Nothing feels better than a fresh clean mouth.
Now is a great time to check teeth brushing skills.
Remember to replace your toothbrushes
after you've had the flu.
Don't Try This At Home:
I tried to boil mine so that they would be sanitized,
but ended up melting the brissles.
So, I ended up buying new ones anyway!!!
Remind them NOT to share:
Hats, Scarves, or Headbands!
I can't even talk about what could happen with this one.
It makes my head itch just thinking about it.
Moving ON . . .
Keep pens and pencils out of your mouth.
If you or your children are sick . . . PLEASE STAY HOME!
Especially from NURSERY.
Maybe you could have your own little lesson at home.
Pull out the Living Scriptures movies and let them snuggle up
in a blanket so they can rest and recover.
(I don't think they'll mind.)
I know it's not always easy when you have work or other
appointments scheduled, but I have a feeling
there will be a lot of grateful people.
If you are in the Nursery,
here's a fun little door sign for you to use:
Here's the PDF:
This includes the Hand Washing Cards, the Nursery Sign
and the Recipe.
Time for Treats!
I decided we might as well follow up with a
Fun Bug Treat
called . . .
Here's the Recipe:
1 Chocolate Cake Mix
(Follow the directions to make the batter.)
Add cupcake papers to cupcake tins
and fill to 1/2 full.
Bake according to the instructions on the box.
Let cool completely.
Use a melon baller to scoop out the center of the cupcake.
Reserve crumbs for later.
Add a dollop of frosting to the center
of the cupcake.
Add gummy worms and gummy bugs to the
part of the cupcake that has been scooped out.
Now just add the crumbs to the top of the cupcake
to make it look like dirt.
The crumbs came from the part of the cupcake
you scooped out.
That's all there is to it!
I will be posting a
"How To"
Pandemic Kits
Later Today!


Natalie said...

We did this tonight! Thanks.

Debi Clark said...

I'm printing out the cards so I can make little 3*5 cards to post directly on the bathroom wall!

Thanks a ton!