Friday, September 24, 2010

Holy Cow!

I think during pregnancy
I must have given each of my children some
very important parts of my brain
It's gone I tell you  . . . GONE!
You're probably wondering, "What in the Good Night is up!"
Well . . . (brief uncomfortable pause . . .)
I have been driving around with the PRIZES for the last
contest in my car, for . . . FOREVER!
My Emergency Car Kit fell over and was
laying over the top of them.
I didn't even remember that I hadn't sent them
until I got an email from a very sweet person,
a WINNER for that matter,
wondering where her prize was.
(Thank YOU by the way!)
So First off, I ask for your forgiveness,
Second, I'm adding a little "SOM SOM" extra to your prize,
and Third, I just need one more thing from YOU,
and I'll send them for real this time.
I must have thrown the paper with the addresses away.
I can't find it anywhere.
Thank YOU for being soooo patient.
You're all ROCK STARS in my book!


Lynn said...

Oh man! You just made my day. I am laughing so hard, I may just pee my pants. I just love your blog. And now I am loving your realness. Life is just peachy isn't it?! lol.

Sorry....I couldn't help myself. I am not laughing AT you. Seriously I am not. Just loving the real you.

Sp4rk1e said...

sorry, i just have to laugh!

my daughter in law, when she was pregnant would frequently go the 2 miles into town and totally forget why she went...then walk all way back to remember as she walked up the driveway!! lol

i'm sure anyone can forgive brain is serious business!!! ;)