Thursday, September 23, 2010

Family Activity - Time for Pie!

I don't know very many kids that don't love
to work with food in the kitchen.
Notice I said, "Kids" and "Food" . . . Not
"Teens" and "Work!"
For Kids . . .
every ingredient is a great adventure just waiting to happen!
For Tonight's Family Activity
let everyone make their own MINI PIE!
You Will Need:
Pie Dough
(Premade or from Scratch)
Pie Filling
(Canned or Homemade)
Some Small Pie Tins or Large Muffin Tins
You can also use the bottom of
an oven safe bowl or wide mouth canning jar.
If you are using the bowl or canning jar,
just flip them upside down and use the bottom.
Pie crusts can be formed around the bottom and baked
while they are still on the jar or bowl.
Edges should be around 2 1/2" - 3" deep.
Make sure you prick the pie dough with a fork
before baking.
Pie shells can be easily removed when they
are completely cooked and cooled.
Did You Know . . .
If you have a problem with shrinking or sinking pie crusts,
you can use the outside of the pie tin the same way
you would use the bowl or jar above.
When it's time to fill the pie,
just remove it from the backside of the tin
(after it's been cooked and cooled)
and then return the crust to the inside the tin.

Filling can be added from there.
(This only works with cream pies . . . fruit pie crusts bake
at the same time as the filling!)
If you are using the muffin tins or small pie crusts,
roll the dough to about 1/4" thick and then
press into the tins or pans.
Prick with a fork before baking.
If you are making a fruit pie, add the pie filling
before baking the crust.

If you are doing a cream pie,
you will want to bake the crust first.
The kids will love playing with the dough!
It may not be as flaky as it normally would,
but I have a feeling the kids won't mind!
Here's an AMAZING LINK for making mini pies!
Pie in a Jar Link
Super Cute and FUN!
Have a GREAT Night!


Meghan said...

Great idea.
My 4yo would love this!

Anonymous said...

Love the pie idea. Totally random & off the subject thought - but I love using the journal pages each month. Have you designed a cover for the journal pages?

Tricia Smith said...

As soon as the Vital Records CD is done . . . I'm on it! Thanks for being so patient, I've been working hard to get things done, but "WOW!" life is CrAzY!
Hopefully soon!

Grannie K said...

You are so great to share your talent with us. I love the journal cover idea!! See I'm not the only one with requests. I love this pie idea and am going to make it for a dinner we're going to Sunday. Thanks again. You make my life a lot more interesting!!!