Thursday, September 30, 2010

SpOoKy FuN . . . Idea #1!

SpOoKy Spiders
Yay . . . it's time!
Here's what you'll need
to make this project:
Black Spray Paint
Glass Votive Holders
(You can get these from the D.I.)
Pipe Cleaners
Wiggly Eyes
(I got mine from Walmart . . . they already have the adhesive.)
Black Felt
Fancy Glasses
(I also got these from the D.I.)
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
Battery Operated Votive Candles
(Much safer than the real macoy . . . I have 4 boys who love fire!)
(Already has adhesive as well!)
Sounds like a lot of stuff . . . but the supplies are SUPER CHEAP!
Start by spray painting your small glass votive holder.
I did two light coats.
While the paint dries, you can work on the other parts
of the project.
Cut two pipe cleaners in half which will give
you 4 pieces.  You will only need 3 of them for each spider.
Cut a circle out of the felt.
(A gold dollar was the perfect size for my votives.)
Turn your fancy glass upside down and place the felt
circle on the bottom of the glass.
Add the pipe cleaners,
and grab your DRY PAINTED votives and add the eyes.
Now you'll want to add the hot glue.
This is how much I added.
Place the spider on the legs.
Lift up the spider and flatten the felt while the glue is still hot.
Put the spider back onto the base of the glass and bend the legs.
The edge of the glass makes the bend the same on all of the legs.
Add some "Bling" to the bottom of the glass.
Fill the Spider with candy.
(Another high quality photo . . . ggrrrrr, I miss my camera!)
 Put a battery operated candle
under the glass.
Tie some ribbon and your ready to decorate your table.
Name Tags can be tied with the ribbon for a personalized touch!
Here's the finished product!
(I have to wait until tonight to take this picture so that you can
get the full effect with the candles.)
I can't wait for ToNiGhT!!!!!


kimber said...

MORE! MORE! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE OTHER IDEAS! I am totally doing this for my BUNCO nite and my family halloween party!!!!

Stacy said...

What a cute idea! You are so creative! Love it.