Monday, September 27, 2010

Family History Family Home Evening - Traditions Old and New!

Today's Family History Family Lesson is all about . . .
It has been said that,
"Traditions are the GLUE that Holds Families Together."
I truly believe that to be true!
One day as I was preparing some of the activities for
one of our family traditions, I began to wonder
how long ago our traditions were started,
who started them, and why.
I know that some of the traditions in my home were started
Just for FUN, while others came from a need.
There are lots of different types of traditions.
and one of the most important,
Spiritual Traditions.
Holiday Traditions are the frosting on the cupcake.
(Probably because they include some seriously sweet treats!)
They are something to look forward to and often bring with them
fun and excitement!
Family Traditions are the one's that have been passed along
from generation to generation.
Family Reunions, Camping Trips, and Family Dinners,
Special Milestone Gifts, and Even Clothing
can be part of this tradition.
The Spiritual Traditions we pass on
are some of the most important ties
we have to family after they have passed on.
These traditions will help to seal us as families
They are the most important
foundation we can build
strong families on.
Some Spiritual Traditions include:
Scripture Study, Temple Attendance, Journals,
Family History, Family Home Evening, Father's Blessings,
and Family Prayer.
When a family member is Baptized, or Recieves the Priesthood,
Serves a Mission, or is Married in the Temple,
there are alot of FUN things
that happen along the way, and these accomplishments
are truly cause for celebration. 
Just remember to keep focussed on the most
important part of these events
so that you don't get lost in only the fun.
Many of these events are sacred in nature and
should be celebrated with that in mind.
For Example:
If we focus more on the Reception than we do
on the Temple Sealing . . . we are truly missing out on the
most important part of the day.
For Tonight's Family History Lesson
we are going to do a little detective work.
I have created some pages for
you to write your family traditions on.
This will give you the opportunity to track down
some of the
details of your family traditions.
You can list:
Who started them,
When they were started,
as well as Why they were started.
Add photos of your traditions, if you have them.
Include recipes from some of the foods that have been served
at your family meals for as long as you can remember.
The pages in this book can be quite numerous
so you may want to get a binder
(You can add a picture of YOUR Family in the space
on the bottom of the front cover.)
Remember to start and end with prayer,
and as far as the treat goes . . .
Tonight would be a great night to whip up one of
Don't forget to take photos of your family enjoying
the treats!
Tonight's Family Home Evening will be
like taking a trip down MEMORY LANE.
Here's the PDF:
Enjoy the Journey!

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