Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Pictures Have Been Added for the Family Home Evening Board!

OK . . . so these pictures are not very clear,
but I'm using my old camera. 
(I'm sure you can understand why I got a new one.)
The photo's fit into a 4x6 photo frame.
I still need to add my family photo's . . . just waiting for the new ones!
You can use a 3x5 photo frame if you want the picture to
fit inside of the magnetic piece.  I like mine to overlap.
I didn't put my pictures straight up and down either,
but you can arrange yours however you want!
Don't you just love options?!?
The side view is a little bit more clear . . . I think!?!
Here's a close up of some of the ribbon accents I added.
I also used buttons to finish them off.
I tied the ribbon through the frame where you would add the photo.
Because I'm the only girl in the family . . . there is only one flower,
but you could add more using different fabrics and ribbons.
That would be so stinkin' cute!
Hope that helps!
This pattern is an original design . . . just for YOU!
I haven't been able to respond to your comments,
but I am so thankful for your kind words and sweet comments.
Please know that I appreciate EVERYONE of them.
Hopefully the designs I share with you will let you know
just how grateful I am . . . You're truly the BEST!


irbuanosraL said...

Hi, I would love to order one of these, how do you order them? Thanks so much,

Tricia Smith said...

Just send me an email with the number of spaces you want on your board and I'll send you the price and the shipping info.!

raising4boys said...

That's the cutest FHE board I've ever seen :)

Party of Five said...

Is it possible to order one of these already done? I love the one that you posted and would want one just like that for a family of 5.

Tricia Smith said...

Just send me your phone number and address and I'll get it done! I'm just waiting for the tin pieces to be cut, but that shouldn't take very long.
Let me know if that works.

Party of Five said...

Thanks Tricia - I sent you an email with the info.