Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Preparedness Project - Family Home Evening Board!

Today's Project is a Family Home Evening Board!
(The pictures aren't the best . . . but at least they'll give you an idea
of what the project looks like.)

This family home evening board can be adapted to fit any size family.
Prices are as follows:
Family of 5 - 1x10x31"
$15.00 plus shipping
Family of 6 - 1x10x37"
$17.00 plus shipping
Family of 7 - 1x10x43"
$19.00 plus shipping
Family of 7 to 8 - 1x18x25"
$17.00 plus shipping
Family of 9 to 10 - 1x18x31"
$19.00 plus shipping
If your family is still in the "works" you may want to add a
couple extra spaces.  These spaces can be filled with family photo's
until you fill them with your new additions!
The FHE Kit Includes:
A Wooden Base
Vinyl Letters - includes ALL 10 FHE Options!
(The kit will include instructions for assembly.)
Rod Iron Hangers can be found at Tiawan Imports
for between $7-$10.00.
You just have to purchase some E600 Glue, Ribbon, and a
Magnetic Frame for each of the members of your family.
I found my frames at Walmart, but they have them at
Target, Shopko and Craft and Hobby Stores.
Ribbon can also be added to the picture frames as well.
If I had girls, I would add the cute handmade flowers to the
corners of their frames.  I added one to mine just for FuN!
Add pictures of each of the members of your family to the
magnetic frames and you're ready for
Family Home Evening!
Here are some options you can use for
FHE Assignments:
Opening Prayer
Journal Pages or FHE Minutes
Closing Prayer
You decide what assignments you want to use on your board.
For Orders and Pricing Call:
This is a
to put together . . .
and it's
when it's all finished!


Savages said...

This sounds super easy. Is there anyway we could maybe get a picture or what one looks like after it is all put together? Thanks for all you do in getting us prepared.

Renee said...

Is there anyway you can post a sample picture of a completed board? THANKS!

Laurie, Cedar Hills, UT said...

I am just a blog follower, love it by the way, is this available to others outside your area?

Tricia Smith said...

If you're not in my ward . . . that's ok!
You can still order the board, I just have to add shipping.
The pictures are on the way!

Laurie said...

I live in Cedar Hills, UT, is this available to all or just those in which your blog was designed?

April J. said...

This is the cutest board I have ever seen! i may get rid of my old one so I can do this. What a great idea! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Meli said...

Hi, I LOVE this idea!! I wish I could just buy it, i live out of state. Where do you get the tin cut?
thanks so much, this idea is awesome!!!

BBC said...

Love these boards, so much! Just wondering if the boards are still available for purchase.

Thank you,

BBC said...

I love these boards, so much! Are they still available for purchase? Thank you,