Sunday, September 26, 2010

Vital Records - Video Records!

We're finishing up the last section of the
Housing Information Today!
You'll want to pull out the video camera for this one.
You will be making a visual records of your belongings.
Along with a video record, you will want to
include copies of the appraisals you have had done
on any of your belongings.
Here's the page for that:
Make a copy of this page for each appraisal you have.
Place the copies of the appraisals into the clear sheet protectors
along with the copy.
Don't Forget to keep the video record with your
Vital Records Binder.
"That's It!"
We're done with this section.
The next section we will be working on will be the
Insurance Section
Gettin' close to finishing this big fella!!!

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